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National Accreditation

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Quality Legal Help, Assured by Accreditation:
Where Confidence Meets Expectations

The  National Accreditation Scheme provides a quality assurance process that gives community legal centres, funding bodies and clients confidence that our members are operating according to good practice and industry standards. 

That mean you, accessing our members can be assured you get quality legal help and advice that meets expectations and referring organisations and the Court /Tribunals can be assured that people will be given fearless, accurate advice.   

Reviewing the Laws


The National Accreditation Scheme is an industry-based certification process for the community legal sector that supports and recognises good practice in the delivery of community legal services.  

Our National Peak Body, Community Legal Centers Australia works in partnership with the state and territory peaks to deliver the National Accreditation Scheme across the sector and oversees national implementation. 

Reviewing the Laws


Our Member Centres are assessed against the standards and requirements of the scheme by a reviewer from the National Peak Body; Community Legal Centres Australia.


There are seventeen standards which cover governance and organisational management, service delivery, accessibility and client feedback.  

Centres which successfully undergo the assessment process are awarded certification and a licence to use the certification for three years; they must meet certification requirements including regular reporting on any agreed improvement plan. 

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The National Accreditation scheme promotes a culture of continuous quality improvement. Accreditation is a statement of service quality which should give confidence to clients and communities.


It is also a critically important means by which we protect the community legal centre brand: if a centre is accredited, clients, communities, funding bodies, and other stakeholders, can be assured it has been through a rigorous assessment process and deemed by qualified reviewers to meet key performance standards.

Accreditation serves as a hallmark of excellence, ensuring that our members meets rigorous standards and operates at the highest level of professionalism and our members are committed to providing accessible and effective legal assistance to those in need.

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