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Legal Advice


The EDO is an independent community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental law. 


Provides social security legal assistance.  Tenancy services will cease effective 30th June 2019

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Provides assistance to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander victim/ survivors of family violence and/or sexual assault.

Provides help people to resolve consumer credit problems including debt, hardship, credit law issues involving disputes with creditors, bankruptcy, mortgage 

Provides pro bono migration assistance to asylum seekers, in South Australia, who are eligible to apply for a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV)


Women’s Legal Service

Provides legal advice, representation and legal education that impacts women within South Australia


Mediation Service

Provides community mediation service can help you to identify and resolve conflict and disputes at an early stage, with a view to avoiding the expense and stress of drawn-out legal proceedings.


Provides free legal help to for low-income and disadvantaged South Australians experiencing civil law issues who cannot afford a lawyer or get the help they need from elsewhere.

We provide a referral service charitable and community group Our Pro Bono Referral Service 

We also operate Self-Representation Services which provide direct legal advice and assistance to people representing themselves in court.


Social Security Appeals Service

Operating across South Australia, we can support you with social security matters. We can provide advice and assistance when dealing with Centrelink and in appeals to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal.

The service is available to people on a government benefit, living in South Australia, and aged 15 and over

We can also link clients in with our Financial Counsellors, Consumer Credit Law team and other Uniting Communities services.


Elder Abuse 

Operating across South Australia

Information coming soon