General Legal
Specialist Legal

Generalist centres provide an initial free consultation for a variety of legal matters:

- Civil matters


- Family Law

- Minor Criminal Matters


Specialist centres deal specifically with certain legal matters (i.e. Social Security matters) or may assist particular groups of people (i.e.women, children and youth).


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Who can access our centres?

CLC provide an initial consultation, on most matters of law, to any member of the community. 


After the initial consultation you may be eligible for ongoing assistance. Alternatively, your matter may be referred immediately to legal aid, a private solicitor or another non- legal service.

Ongoing assistance and /or court representation is only available for people who are unable to afford a private solicitor ,who do not qualify for legal aid and whose situation has legal merit.

Most centres provide their services free of charge.

If a centre does provide court representation or further assistance, you may have to pay disbursements ( reports) if a waiver cannot be obtained on your behalf.